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Fun whimsical dolls my daughter and I create together. Drop by and give us a visit!!!

A mother and daughter team.

- Erika ( aka Vegan Karma ) who has a love and compassion for all living beings. Coming from a compassionate vegan family, we only use cruelty free materials and special findings from nature walks.
- Connie D'Angelo ( aka cdlite from cdlitestudio, world renowned doll artist ) who teamed up with her daughter to create beautiful soft, stuffed dolls so children can treasure and cherish for many years to come!

There is nothing more beautiful than sharing something you loved and cherished deeply with your own children.
Mr Bunman, Erika's stuffed bunny from birth, is one of those loved and cherished stuffed toys. He has seen many sniffles, fevers, tears, hugs, kisses, cuddles and laughter and will continue to do so :)


Forest friend Series
Best Friend Series

Humpty Dumpty Series


mother & daughter duo 
one of a kind art · handmades · cruelty free · vegan