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  Goodies for balljointed dolls 

Tiny porcelain flowers for hair

They all come in different shapes and shadings, some might be left natural, for they are all different.

Colours shading vary, but the base colour would always be porcelain white


Unfortunately not to damage the porcelain goodies they will have to be packaged in a small box at a charge of 7.50 for US and Canada 

so to save on delivery combine ur items and email me I will send you an invoice.

  5.00 each                     

                       3 for 7.00                                 

5 for 10.00              


Please note some of these piece will be made on the spot when ordered so it take a few extra days to have them made. And they might vary from what you see in the picture . Since they are all hand  made none of these pieces  will come out exact.